Creative Ways To Save Money On School Lunches

When you’re trying to save money on school lunches for your kids, there are different schools of thought. Creative lunches are a challenge when you have to come up with five lunches a week. It is expensive to resort to Lunchables because you are paying for the convenience of premade packaging. It is boring to fix the same sandwiches and sides each day. Fortunately there are easy ways to make lunches creative, heathy and affordable.

Get The Kids Involved

Making lunch for your kids gives you an advantage because you know what your kids like to eat. While school lunches are working towards healthier options, healthy foods can end up in the garbage if they are choices your kids don’t enjoy. Some families find if they place options in different containers the kids can choose one item from each container to prepare their lunch. When children help with grocery shopping and prepare their lunch each day, they not only pick items they will eat, but learn about food choices along the way. They can prepare their lunches in advance making the morning routine as smooth as possible.

Stock Up On Reusable Containers

Bento boxes are very popular and make a great lunch box because there are dividers to separate food. They are reusable making them both convenient and economical. Buying individual size packages is expensive, and even using disposable baggies adds up over the course of the year. Plastic containers keep food separate and prevent sandwiches from getting smashed.

Buy In Bulk

Buying a large bag of snacks and sides is the most economical. Get a 2-pound bag of carrots and then put an individual size in the reusable container. Repeat the process with any fruit, vegetable, or a snack included with lunch. You control the type of snacks your children can choose from as well as portion control. Warehouse stores like Costco and Sams offer large bulk packaging at significant savings.

Have Fun With Lunch

Lunch does not always need to be a sandwich and a bag of chips. Young children particularly like to see fun shapes. You can cut sandwiches into fun shapes with large cookie cutters. Instead of a sandwich send cheese and crackers to keep it interesting. Soups in a thermos will stay hot until lunch. Many items when properly packed will stay cold until lunch and include items such as spring rolls or sushi.

Send a Reusable Water Bottle

Disposable water bottles and drink boxes add up quickly and can add significantly to the cost of lunch. Instead send a reusable water bottle and mix up the drink based on what your child enjoys.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of school lunches. Thinking outside the box can help you get creative and encourage children to make healthy food choices in an economical way.