Retirement Challenges for Baby Boomers and What to Do About It

Many people dreamed of retirement from the day you began working. You watched your parents’ move into their golden years, and envied them, just a little, for the freedom received when work life was over. Perhaps some traveled, while others doted on grandchildren. Regardless of how they spent their time, read more

How to Save Money This Thanksgiving

As store displays convert from Halloween decorations to Christmas, you begin to think about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Who is coming to dinner, what will you serve, and which traditions will continue. Even though Thanksgiving does not get the marketing power of Christmas, most families spend hundreds of dollars on read more

Top Reasons Millennials Are Susceptible to Financial Fraud

Millennials are very comfortable with electronics and social media platforms disclosing private information, and may not worry about the possibility of financial fraud. Yet, their comfort with technology and social platforms are the very thing that makes them more vulnerable than previous generations. In 2014 a study conducted by the read more

When Creditors Can Garnish Retirement for Delinquent Student Loans and What to Do About It

The issue of high student loan debt among Millenials is well documented and reaches the stage of politicians and activists. However, borrowers nearing or in retirement are also finding student loan payments to be problematic. More than $150 million dollars was garnished from social security wages in 2013 to pay read more

Pros and Cons of Using Retirement Accounts to Pay Off Debt

Accruing large sums of debt over the years and facing years of high-interest payments is discouraging in the best circumstances. If you earn enough to make the minimum payments, do you really want to hold 15 plus interest debt for 30 plus years? Payments each month, barely move the balance, read more

Tax Benefits for The Self-Employed

The fringe benefits of self-employment are many. You may create a side income on the weekends, work evenings to earn extra income, or you can create a full-time job for yourself and others. You can set your hours and have the freedom of being your own boss. Almost anyone doing read more

Guide to Your Company 401K

Whether starting a new job or reviewing next year’s options, company benefits can save you money and help prepare for your future. Many companies offer employees health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans which build a strong financial future beyond earnings. Taking the time to understand your company 401K plan read more

What Everyone Should Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In 2005, Congress rewrote bankruptcy laws, steering more consumers to Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, which require repayment of some debts, rather than a full discharge. Additional steps for the consumer are now in place, and the cost of attorney representation rose due to the new requirements. Congress also set time read more

The Differences Between a Will and a Trust and Which Do You Need

In the world of legal jargon, we often hear terms that are familiar to us. However, their legal meaning eludes us. Two of these terms are “Will” and “Trust.” Knowing and using these legal documents appropriately can help build a total estate plan to protect your loved ones. What is read more

Creative Ways To Save Money On School Lunches

When you’re trying to save money on school lunches for your kids, there are different schools of thought. Creative lunches are a challenge when you have to come up with five lunches a week. It is expensive to resort to Lunchables because you are paying for the convenience of premade read more

Fall Benefit Check-Up – Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are becoming more popular as consumers take advantage of the increased savings. Employees can set aside a little money each pay period to cover bills incurred throughout the year. Typically spending accounts are offered to assist with either health care costs or child care costs, and read more

Fall Benefit Check-Up – Disability Insurance

Most employees participate in employee health and life insurance plans. Mandatory health insurance and employer paid plans for both types of policies lead to high levels of employee participation. Disability insurance is left to your discretion and typically does not receive any employer paid premium supplements to encourage enrollment. However read more

The Cloud and Financial Safety

With the popularity of the Cloud growing by the day, and individuals and companies availing themselves of the service, it would seem to be a prime target for cybercrime. A potential customer might ask the question, “If I send my financial data to the Cloud will it be safe? The read more

Tips for Responding to Identity Theft

Identity theft became a financial crisis for over 12 million consumers last year. It seems no matter how tight the security, thieves stay one step ahead of the game. They hack into corporate websites, personal accounts and steal numbers while you make a purchase. Regardless of how it happens, there read more

Leasing versus Buying: Which is right for you?

You want a new car and have an idea of what you want to purchase. Now you must decide how you will buy the vehicle. Unless you are paying cash, some form of financing is required, and you must choose between a traditional loan or a lease. Here are the read more

How to Calculate the Total Cost of Car Ownership

Kelley Blue Book lists the average price of a new car in America at over $33,000. While the advertised price and monthly payments are upfront expenses, the other costs of owning a vehicle may go unnoticed. There are many things to consider when evaluating the total cost of car ownership read more

Top Ways To Save When Buying A Used Car

Vehicles are depreciating assets, meaning they decline in value over time. The result is that new cars, lose value from the moment you drive them off the lot, making used cars the best deal in many cases. Older cars are also less expensive, tend to have lower insurance costs, and read more

Financing Options When Buying Your Next Car

With the average price of a new car hitting $33,560, most people do not pay cash to purchase a vehicle. Even used cars have seen rapid increases in prices, as newer technology expands their life, reducing the speed of depreciation. Financing options play a big part in the total cost read more

Everything You Need to Know About Debt Elimination Through Balance Transfers

Today is a new day; you are bound and determined to get heavy debt loads under control and gone for good! Resolutions such as this one, are made on a consistent basis when you feel overwhelmed. Noticeable progress can be an entirely different matter. You have tried the snowball method read more

Creative Ways to Save For Your Vacation

Creative Ways to Save For Your Vacation Taking a vacation is designed to be a relaxing time with family or friends. Yet, often the planning and paying for a vacation is stressful. Setting aside money throughout the year reduces stress,saves you money, and eliminates debt accumulation that might normally occurwhich read more