Welcome to Bridgeline Funding

Let us help you get out of debt.

At Bridgeline Funding we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. Debt does not generally occur overnight and the reasons behind large debt accumulation can be very personal. We know that there is both a financial and emotional side that must be considered when formulating a strategy to resolve your debt. We appreciate and accept that circumstances beyond your control may have contributed to your situation.

Here at Bridgeline Funding, we do not offer one-size fits all solutions to debt management: We listen to your story and help you create a long term strategy to solve your debt problems. We examine all the available alternatives and make recommendations based on your unsecured debt interest rates, credit reality, and ongoing income restrictions.

Our goal is to free you of your debt burden faster and more affordably by providing lower rate options that may be able to reduce both your monthly payments and the length of time it will take to retire the debt.

Once an application has been completed we determine which programs or loans you may qualify for. If you are eligible, we pair you with a loan company that is able to provide a consolidation loan to immediately improve your financial position and provide a long term method to to solve your debt problems.